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Hello everyone! Well after nearly 30 years of encouragement from all of you, I was finally persuaded to build this web site dedicated to just 9 Star Ki personality consulting.  I know most of you have used and the to find me but this new web site keeps everything in its own place.  I could not figure out whether people wanted me for color or the "Ki".  This ought to help.. I Hope!   Thanks for coming.. Please tell me what you think at "Contact Sally".

While you are reading, you may wish to sit back and listen to a few general things about "9 Star Ki".  You will find quite a few of these audio clips throughout the site as many people would rather sit back and listen.  Don't worry, you can also listen to everything at once in the "Media" section. 


The Why of "9 Star Ki"

For thousands of years nearly a third of the population of our planet has practiced an ancient philosophy that has served them well in the dynamics of their relationships.  Why else would it still be used today?  Not just for personal; but equally as important, for their business, social, and working relationships.  You arrived at this site because you already know about “9 Star Ki” and understand or witnessed its many benefits but may have lost touch with Sally.  

This is a consulting site designed not to teach you the value of successfully applying the philosophy; but to put you back in touch with Sally.  She has been using it for over 25 years in with industry, businesses, families, and personal relationships.  Although she has practiced Feng Shui nearly her whole life and been heavily involved in 9 Star Ki with several authors in the field, she has continued to find better ways to help people realize the strength of the philosophy.    


authorSo much has been taken out of context from ancient philosophies and then manipulated and twisted into regiments by purveyors of their new idioms, that Sally finally wrote a book about the subject 17 years ago.  That book was on the Amazon bestseller list for over 4 years.  Sally continues to consult worldwide with everyone who calls upon her expertise and guidance.

The Who of "9 star Ki"

Sally has helped many large businesses, offices, staffs, and teams, learn the best way to approach and understand the personality of each member as well as which members will not work and why.  Sally has assisted hospitals, software works, construction, electrical, banking, real estate, manufacturing, developers, schools, and the list goes on.

Before the business or personal relationship is begun, a quick analysis and understanding of the personalities evolved can help best structure decisions concerning those involved.  This insight can often prove invaluable.  The good and the bad, the strengths and weaknesses, and how best to work with each member of the situation can only help ahead of time.  The knowledge of the personalities you don’t know and how best to approach them can make a big difference.

Sally also spends a great deal of time on SKYPE and phone consultations for individuals who require a quick, simpler analysis of their concerns.  Many people have been clients for over 25 years and still consult monthly. Take a moment and go through the website and listen to some of the recordings on personality types.  Please use the Contact Sally page and leave some email with your thoughts, questions or just to say, “hi”.  Thanks for Stopping




Welcome to Sally Fretwell's personality web site.  We are presently under construction but we should be fully operational soon.  There are many things that are changing during the next few days.  Please come back and enjoy the site.