1 Water Personality


The 1 Water Personality is resilient, enduring, and ever changing like a river or the sea. Water follows the path of least resistance, fills, flows, creating and expanding. 1 Water people are visionaries, inventors, and have a natural ability to put to paper new ideas they see in their minds eye. They can become stagnant or frozen when out of balance, just like a bog or an iceberg.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient Stone Trigram for the 1 Water

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1 Water personalities are often pioneers in their fields.. Visionaries, always in the flow.

They are ahead of their time, inventive, inquisitive, often song writers, painters, dancers.

Jim Henson, the Muppet creator, is a perfect example of a 1 Water personality along with Thomas Edison.

They need to express their creative nature or they become unhappy.

A dreamer, they often appear out of touch.

They often feel they are misunderstood

Stamina and fortitude. They need free flowing activity.

1 Water individuals are inventive, have vision and are insightful. They can look at all the angles of the situation. They offer the initial idea, and continual input to keep things evolving

The 1 WATER Personality

The Wave

In the I Ching, the water Trigram is depicted as the water personality. These qualities are represented in the vast expressions of water seen in nature: from the roar of the Sea, to the peace and flow of a bubbling stream, to the rage of a fast-moving river, and to the stagnation of a bog or swamp. Water also has the three states of liquid, solid, and gas. Mist, fog, rain clouds, and snow all relate to water in the form of precipitation.

Movement is always happening under the surface of any body of water. Unlimited potential exists to grow and support life in a water ecosystem. The Ocean is an ever-changing home to all sea life. It is a force to be reckoned with. The sea can be a dangerous body of water to cross, as well as peacefully calming.

This is also true in the 1 Water personality. Underneath the surface, there is tremendous activity. This is an enduring personality, with great resilience and inner strength. There is a vast potential to learn, to be creative and expressive, and to follow a vision. The

water personality houses the ability to be very prolific and expansive.

It is important for water personalities to be in the flow, and to feel fulfilled and uplifted by what they are doing. Otherwise, they get bogged down and stagnant. Fear, resentment, and being discontent are toxic, like “circling the drain,” for a water person. When water is frozen, it limits what can exist in that environment; the flow stops and the water personality can become cold and frigid like ice. So, if you think of water in its many manifestations, you also can see the extreme expressions in this personality.

One minute they can be in the flow, expressive and easy going like a bubbling river. The next minute they can be fierce like the ocean. 1 Water individuals are like the weather: it rains when the atmosphere is saturated with water. When they get overwhelmed, it is like a dam breaking: the water flows, filling and expanding over the banks that once held it back. There are so many variations of that overflow. Drizzle, hail, fog, condensation, dew, and mist are all ever changing and transforming into different states of expression.

Writers and journalists that have the 1 Water personality are natural at writing and giving life both to ideas and the many characters that are often created in the minds of 1 Water personalities. Writers and journalists that are 1 Water personalities are often drawn to being on TV or radio, hosting shows, or writing for magazines. They use their ability to write and talk to express their thoughts. Dancing, singing, and free-flowing movement can all become expressions that a water personality would be at ease with.

Many of our media, TV, and Radio personalities are water personalities. They feel at home being a TV or radio host.

1 Water Triagram