2 Earth


The 2 Earth personality thrives on the interaction with people. They gain energy, have a sense of purpose and feel fulfilled by gathering with others. Sharing stories, being united, sharing a meal around a big table, catching up, being apart of others lives nurtures their soul.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient Trigram for the 2 Earth

Listen to Sally on the 2 Earth Personality
There are 3 Earth personalities.  Sally discusses all three together below.

The 2 Earth Personality is receptive and nurturing, sincerely likes to talk, talk, talk..
They get energy from interaction with others.
They thrive on networking.

They can play the same old tape in their mind over and over.
Co-dependent, constantly need others around them.  Appear needy.
Good at organizing and gathering.
Hard to move into action
Not good at completing things.
Good listeners.
Manipulative and draw people into their dramas.
They hate change.
2 Earth dads are good listeners, and good fathers.
Love to offer their opinion and struggle with negative inner dialogue.
They also appear superficial.

2 Earth individuals use their skills to bring team members together to hash out the details. Their emphasis is on obtaining a harmonious outcome for all working on any particular project. The tendency of any 2 Earth individuals is to consider all that is involved.

The 2 EARTH Personality 

The Expressive

There are 3 Earth personalities: the 2 Earth, the 5 Earth, and the 8 Earth.

The 2 Earth personality is outgoing, chatty, enjoy sharing their feelings and being a good listener. 2 Earth personalities define life by the relationships they have with those around them. Emotion exudes from

2 Earth personalities. If they are telling a story, they add every detail along with everything they were feeling at the time.

The audience of a 2 Earth speaker must listen very carefully to get through from start to finish without glazing over a bit. It is natural for a 2 Earth to join a club, be a part of a group, and be attracted to team efforts. The 2 Earth personality can also be the person going into the military.

Quick to offer their opinion, they want to know what everyone feels and thinks. They have mastery over and a love of telling “the story,” with all its bells and whistles.

2 Earth people use facial expressions, arm movements, and tone in their voice to express the point. They can be very loving people, wanting to help in any way they can. However, at the same time, they can appear bossy and demanding to those that really do not want their opinion.

Many people in the media that are the 2 Earth personality are very expressive and seem to act out the emotion related to the topic at hand. Martha Raddatz,

2 Earth, 2 Earth, seems to weep through her news reports, anxious and alarmed. Her voice and facial expressions are directly expressed.

Emotion is how they navigate the world. They are detailed and love to gather information. They want to be around people: it is what gives them energy. For those who are not chatty and want just the minimum amount of information, a 2 Earth person can be draining. Emotion is the tool a 2 Earth uses to invoke a reaction; they use emotion and feelings to navigate the world.

2 Earth Trigram