3 Tree


The 3 Tree personality is like thunder, rumbling like a loud BOOM. You will know when they have something to say. They often say things exactly how they see it, not seeing a value to buffering the delivery of the message. Like the weather or a storm, ever changing, they come into a room, say what they need to say and then off to the next activity. Bored easily, they often have many projects going on at the same time.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient  Trigram for the 3 tree

Listen to Sally discuss the 3 Tree Personality
There are 2 tree personalities.  Sally discuses both together below.

3 Tree personalites are bold movers and shakers!  They like routine.
Love to try new things, get board easily, can be intense, and rigid like using muscles

Usually love animals, have a connection with them  .. playful

Can have a temper and can be hurtful.

Speak what is on their minds sometimes before thinking.

They shoot from the hip… sometimes lacking tact.
Love stimulus and want to be entertained or busy all of the time.

Always want to be the very best.. usually physical types

Like money and business

Brings in people who can support their goals.
Have little respect for those that waste energy on this that are not serving them.

Often all Earth people appear self absorbed to 3 tree people and they get tired of offering advice to earth folks who never seem to follow their advice.

3 Tree people want to say “get over it”.. move out of your own way.

Sally’s 3 Tree Personality Dog Cards

3 Tree individuals want to get all the facts out in the open efficiently and quickly get to the point. They care less about consensus. Their high energy level keeps any project alive and moving. Their enthusiasm and vitality is contagious.

The 3 TREE Personality

The Thunderous

The next Trigram in the I Ching is Thunder. Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the distance and nature of the lightning, Thunder can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble. The sudden increase in pressure and temperature from lightning produces rapid expansion of the air around and within a bolt of lightning.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, in the fourth century BC, speculated that thunder was caused by the collision of clouds. When a storm is coming, lightning strikes and thunder booms loudly and directly. The 3 Tree personality often speaks before thinking about how the information will be received. This is similar to children saying it like it is, without a filter. It is refreshing to know exactly what they think and feel, but sometimes they unknowingly hurt people’s feelings.

3 Tree personalities do not have the time to soften the message because, to them, that does not serve anyone. They are not being mean; just like thunder, they are direct and up front before moving to the next topic. “Get out of my way, I am coming through.” The 3 Tree personality can shake up things that is for sure. My neighbor, 3 Tree, 4 Tree, came over to see my new Alexa, Amazon Echo. She heard me asking Alexa to find a Radio station to no avail. The first thing she did was say in a stern voice, “Alexa, Listen to me.” Alexa said back, “I am listening to you.” We all laughed: a true, 3 Tree approach to Alexa.

Like a child, the 3 Tree moves quickly from one thing to the next, trying new things and juggling lots of activities. Many 3 Tree people need someone to follow behind them, keeping things moving in sync and reminding them that they have too many things going on. It is not that they cannot take care of themselves; they are just more able to keep all the balls in the air if someone is assisting them, lining up the schedule and catching the balls as they fly through the air.

The 3 Tree personality manifests in different ways depending on the combination with the person’s other personality type. My dad Dirty George, the same

The ancient Trigram for the 3 Tree