4 Tree


The 4 Tree personality is like the Wind.  They easily travel in their minds, and are interested in new ideas, and attaining knowledge about different cultures around the world.  They innately understand that the seeds that are planted bring about growth and sustenance.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient  Trigram for the 4Tree

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Sally discusses ONLY the 4 Tree Personality.

The 4 Tree personality often needs a lot of stimulus.  They travel in their minds to far away lands or times.  They love to travel, physically explore new things, like cruises, campers, hikers and to be entertained.

They have an appreciation for dance, cultural activities, and what other countries have to offer.

Usually good dressers, like art, make good teachers, conductors, musicians, singers, and dancers.

They wear their heart on their sleeve.
They don’t always feel comfortable to share what they feel.

Love new ideas, always coming up with new ones.

4 Tree individuals add the philosophical approach. They are continually on a quest to broaden their skills. They bring worldliness to the project and their input is well rounded.

The 4 TREE Personality


The Wind

The next Trigram in the I Ching is the “WIND.” Planting seeds and watching them grow, Wind occurs on a range of scales: from thunderstorm flows lasting tens of minutes, to local breezes generated by heating of land surfaces lasting a few hours, to global winds resulting from the difference in absorption of solar energy between the climate zones on Earth.

The wind is what carries and spreads seeds to faraway places. The wind spans the globe. 4 Tree personalities are philosophical, love to learn, and love traveling the world and learning about different cultures. They are on a continual quest to broaden their horizons; they might be considered eternal learners.

Often, 4 Tree individuals go into professions like Teaching and Law, and they make good presenters. 4 Trees are always looking for new ideas and enjoy new activities. They often are the first to look up what Wikipedia says about something they do not know about. They can get bored easily once they feel they have mastered something and quickly go to try something new. 4 Trees make good writers and correspondents.

These individuals focus on what is going on around them and have a keen eye for exposing injustices. Many 4 Tree personalities are notable for offering their insights and opinions. They have compassionate hearts and are curious. Travel and studying cultures fascinate them.

Investigating, looking to see what may be hidden under rocks, makes them tick. Often, 4 Trees make very good lawyers because they cross-examine with ease. Again, looking at the inner and outer personalities combined gives the most insight into this personality and how 4 Trees express themselves.

These individuals can be a turbulent gale wind or a light breeze. Both 3 Tree and 4 Tree personalities are active in the sky, as depicted in the active movement of the wind and changing weather.

The ancient Trigram for the 4 Tree