5 Earth


The 5 Earth personality is often drawn to being at the center of things. They love gathering information, the more the better. They gravitate to running the show, being in higher up positions and enjoy being apart of a team.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient  Trigram for the 5 Earth

Listen to Sally discuss the 5 Earth Personality
There are 3 Earth personalities.  Sally discusses all three together below.

5 Earth Personality

Listen to Sally on ALL 3 Earth Personalities Together.  2,5,8 Earth

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Here Sally speaks JUST about the 5 Earth Personality.

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The 5 Earth personality is a wealth of knowledge. They love to collect information.  They enjoy Wikipedia and anything that can deliver them information.

You can ask a 5 Earth a trivia question or a history question and they are all over it.
They would be good at any jeopardy party.
Sometimes appear “bossy” or opinionated and over bearing

They are an information warehouse.

Most 5 Earth appear both feminine and masculine and are good with both sexes.
Like to be in the center of things, like groups.

Make good politicians and often are asked about what they think even when they have no idea.
Often considered an authority and love control.

A good organizer, practical, grounded, but they need exercise to move their lymphatic’s.

Can be hard for them to move forward if they are all Earth Personality can get stuck collecting more and more information.  Could use a good secretary or personal organizer.

Like to have things under control and prone to worry.

Sally’s 5 Earth Personality Dog Cards

5 Earth individuals are solid and love being in charge, they gravitate to being at the center of the the project. They are good at gathering needed information and delegating tasks to other team members.

The 5 EARTH Personality

The Center

The 5 Earth personality likes to be in the center of things. This type gravitates to leadership positions, politics, being the head of corporations, or holding high positions in the government or Military. 5 Earth people make excellent teachers because they offer the details needed to understand a subject. They like the problem-solving aspects of being on a team where everyone brings their gathered information to the table to formulate a plan to move forward. Even when a 5 Earth does not know something, they often appear as if they do.

They try to collect as much information as possible before moving forward. You can ask any of the 5 Earth personality combinations about the best restaurant in town or any other subject that they are knowledgeable about, and they will know all the details. They are usually the best at Trivia, historical events, and the details that are needed to make informative decisions.

Sometimes though, if they do not have Metal in their personality type, they may not know when to stop collecting or when enough is enough. They continue collecting and collecting, piling up resources. A good secretary is then needed to move the train forward. 5 Earth personalities are a great resource.

They are strong personalities, authoritative, and will argue their points to the end. They can be stubborn and like a pit bull in an argument. Many people find them entertaining, social, and fun to be around. Often, they will gravitate to the center of the party. They like to run the show.

The ancient Trigram for the 5 Earth