6 Metal


The 6 Metal Personality is electric and charged up to keep things moving and get things done. They give their energy away freely to promote growth and movement. They are loyal and work hard. Their lighthearted sense of humor adds levity and puts others at ease.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient  Trigram for the 6 Metal

Listen to Sally discuss the 6 Metal Personality
There are 2 Metal personalities.  Sally discusses both of them together.

The 6 Metal Personality

6 Metal personalities are fast thinking and always trying to complete the things in front of them.
Intuitive and great teachers.  They always give visual pictures and stories when talking.
They spend lots of time observing.

Usually athletic, zippy and ready to try new things.
Always trying to help others because they see what needs to be accomplished.

They grow up fast and take care of the family dynamics to keep peace.
Love humor and to be silly and very quick witted.

Like activities like ping pong, or juggling, where the body is involved it helps ground them.  They need to do activities that ground them in their electric energy.

They can appear not grounded.
Usually can speak with others with ease.

They run other people’s energy and need to be careful because they feel others pain.  And this can drain them.

They need exercise to clear their minds and like to stay ahead of things and help others with change.

6 Metal individuals add the endurance and focus needed to get things done. They are able to take the information that has been gathered and they take the ball and run with it to bring things to completion.

The 6 METAL Personality

The Conduit

When we think of metal, we think of steel, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, titanium, and others.

The 6 Metal and 7 Metal personalities are similar to an electrical capacitor. A capacitor is a vessel for storing energy. When it reaches its capacity, it releases a charge of electrical energy and fires a powerful spark. Electrical conductivity is a measure of a material’s ability to conduct an electric current.

6 Metal individuals are like a train in motion, moving speedily to get to the goal at hand. The metal train track is a direct route to the destination. They love to complete things and cross things off their list. They are extremely creative, intense, and have very active minds. Like a capacitor, energy flows through them. The 6 Metal personality is always looking for what can be done and then taking care of it. They take that approach both in their jobs and for their family members.

6 Metal people are very intuitive and can feel what others are feeling. They might not know why but they feel what is going on. They have a strong sense of responsibility and both 6 and 7 metal personalities have leadership qualities. If they follow their very first gut feeling, they are usually right. Often, they will overthink and overanalyze, which tends to cause them to second-guess themselves. They are decision makers and benefit from Earth personalities who love to collect information. They can get worn out if they do not take the time to recharge their batteries. They are usually great wits, and can make others laugh by their ability to share the funny and silly sides of life’s experiences.

They offer others a deeper perspective on things that they glean from their intuitive natures. Because their minds are so active, they benefit from athletics and exercise to bring them into their bodies. They can be cynical and appear curt.

The ancient Trigram for the 6 metal