7 Metal


The 7 Metal personality can be sharp and cutting like a sword. Solid, direct, piercing, depicts aspects of the 7 Metal personality, they are always game for taking on an adversary if they see value in the outcome.  In many historical pictures, George Washington, a 7 Metal, so eloquently sits upon his white horse and his sword in hand. This does not mean they are looking for a fight, it means they will defend what they believe in.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient Stone Trigram for the 6 Metal

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Here Sally discusses JUST the 7 Metal Personality

The 7 Metal personality appears calm but they have a lot going on just below the surface.
Sarcastic, and love to tease.
Analytical and great teachers, they know how to take things apart and put them back together.

They are systems people.

Entertaining, love music, love being a bit of a “tough guy”.  A lot of 7 Metal men are depicted in the cowboy movies, Clint Eastwood types, “Make my day”.

They love to cook.
As observers, they feel other‘s pain.
They have a great responsibility to helping family and taking care of things.

They are determined and will stick with a project to the point of getting worn down to a frazzel.

They like to try things that they see value in, or have worth.
They make very devoted dads.
Can be very hard on those around them.
They love a bit of danger, if they plan it out.  Like ice climbing, and motorcycle racing.

Exercise clears their mind.

They need to re-coup and settle down at the end of their day.  They tend to put a lot of themselves into situations and require time to rejuvenate.

They feel change is movement. They appreciate and like change!

7 Metal individuals are highly focused. They work on the mechanics of the project, how things can be made simple and be taken apart and put back together. They have a great gift for making complex things seem simple.

The Pragmatist

7 Metal personalities have a lot going on underneath the surface. They are strong vessels for intuitive or psychic inclinations. 7 Metal individuals are good at taking things apart and putting things back together. They love to know how things work; what better way than to take something apart and put it back together? They are problem solvers. They will take a lawn mower apart so they can write an instruction manual for others to follow. These tendencies make the 7 Metal type precise and clear. These types make very good teachers because they know how to take students from A-Z in a practical useful way.

They are attracted to trying things that can be dangerous and exhilarating, just to see if they can do it. They are intuitive and focused; they can pick up on others’ weaknesses, when it serves a purpose.

The ancient Trigram for the 7 Metal