8 Earth


The 8 Earth personality is like a Mountain. Still on the outside, sturdy and strive to be peaceful. Like a mountain they appear grounded and solid, when deep inside a lot of activity is occurring. The 8 Earth loves to gather information, constantly researching, and often finds it hard to move forward.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient  Trigram for the 8 Earth

Listen to Sally discuss the 8 Earth Personality
There are 3 Earth personalities.  Sally discusses all three together below.

8 Earth Personality

Listen to Sally on ALL 3 Earth Personalities Together.  2,5, and 8 Earth

Here Sally discusses JUST the 8 earth Personality

The 8 Earth personalities are deep, introspective, thoughtful, thinkers.
They sometimes go far too inward.
Buddha types…  Contemplative
They are fine being alone unlike the 2 Earth personality.
Talking wears them out, where the 2 Earth find joy and energy from talking.

They also love to collect information.
They are methodical, practically plodding out the steps required to do a project.
Good builders and designers. Great Systems people.

They like to be quiet.  Hates drama. Just the opposite of the 2 Earth that loves drama.
Can worry about things.
Hates pressure.
A good healer and medical practitioner.
Likes higher learning and looking into the soul.

Hates superficiality, very grounded, marches to the “beat of a different drummer”.

8 Earth individuals provide a solid ground for others to stand on, and often keep to themselves. When others are panicking they offer sensibility and calm advice.

The 8 EARTH Personality


The Introspect

The Trigram in the I Ching for this type is the Mountain. Often, 8 Earth types are deep inside themselves, contemplating and appearing like they are far away.

They seek peace of mind, but in this world, peace is hard to find, so inner peace is necessary for an 8 Earth to feel peaceful. 8 Earth people are drawn to professions and lifestyles that can isolate them, like being a Monk. Of course, this is not true if they are 9 Fire as well. Fire people need to shine in the limelight.

8 Earth personalities are very grounded, can be stubborn, and stand their ground. They are detailed, want all the facts, and continually seek to gather information. 8 Earth people care deeply about those who are closest to them, but they can get overwhelmed if others ask too much of them when they are not ready. They can offer much to a relationship and to the people they work with if they believe in what they are doing. Condi Rice is a perfect example of the strength of an 8 Earth offering assistance in the background. She is smart, knowledgeable, and grounded, which you see in her 8 Earth nature. Her 1 Water nature is free flowing, and looks at the bigger picture. Once she gains clarity, she moves forward.

The 8 Earth personality is contemplative and does not mind being alone. 8 Earth types ponder existence and appreciate the fact that we are just a small speck in the universe. Being outdoors is a good chance for

8 Earth types to recharge their batteries. Learning about natural occurrences that are happening all the time interests them. They are drawn to educating themselves about what exists beyond their immediate situation, whether it be around the world or in the wild. They appreciate things like observing bears in their natural habitat, watching salmon head upstream, or learning how things have evolved over the years.

8 Earth people are very introspective and, if the other part of their personality is 9 Fire, 3 Tree or 4 Tree, they constantly struggle with wanting to go inward and be contemplative. 9 Fire, 3 Tree and 4 Tree types want to be out in the world, moving and shaking. For example, if a person is 8 Earth, 3 Tree, the 3 Tree nature seeks the new and curiosity pulls them up and out. The 8 Earth wants to retreat inward, so there is a push pull within the personality.

If 6 or 7 Metal is the other personality, an 8 Earth person will always be on the move, so the 8 Earth side will feel a bit resistant to the action-packed nature of the Metal side. Combining a 6 or 7 Metal nature with the 8 Earth nature means the train will move forward and the metal nature wants to get things done. When the metal side feels that enough information has been gathered, decisions can be made and implemented. Balancing both sides of their nature is key to the happiness of these types.

The 8 Earth, 1 Water personality struggles with wanting to expand and see the broader view, while also striving to be practical and detailed. If an individual is aware of the strengths of each, both sides can be valuable.

The ancient Trigram for the 8 Earth