The 9 Fire Personality


The 9 Fire personality are naturally magnetic, social, have no problem taking the stage and being entertaining. Dressing up, being flashy, attracting attention is fun for a 9 Fire personality. Like the flames of a fire the 9 fire person can become unable to be contained, lacking boundaries, until they burn out. If a parent is critical of their bright eyed performer, they can become shy and unable to shine.

Sally Fretwell

The Ancient  Trigram for the 9 Fire

Listen to Sally discuss the 9 Fire Personality

9 Fire Personality

Listen to Sally on the 9 Fire Personality

The 9 Fire personality thrives in the “lime light”.
Showy, out there, loves attention.

Needs a lot of encouragement to express them selves fully.
Many 9Fires will be seen in the fashion industry acting and singing.

Can get depressed if unable to express them selves.
They tend to run hot and cold.

If a parent of a 9 Fire personality constantly criticizes or puts them down, they become shy and unable to be their natural flamboyant selves.  Like to be recognized and they push the envelope.

Often light up a room and have a sparkle in their eye.
They have a huge heart
Love telling stories. Good story tellers.

Love to be social and have a good time.. They need to find their passion!

9 Fire individuals enjoy being at the center of the public relations aspect of the organization. Making connections within the community and spreading the enthusiasm needed in public relations.

The 9 FIRE Personality

The Flamboyant

The 9 Fire personality is expressive and can be very charismatic. This is the “Here I am, world” personality. When you think of fire you think of flames flickering, spreading light. 9 Fire types are social butterflies and have a natural stage presence. They expand as far as they can until they hit the boundary line. If there are no boundaries set, these people will keep expanding.

9 Fire children love showing off and being on stage. If they have very controlling or demanding parents,

9 Fires can become shy and afraid to be their naturally flamboyant selves. So, there is a fine line to walk for the parents of a 9 Fire child. They crave boundaries, yet they need the room to be their naturally gregarious selves.

They want to be recognized and work hard at making a name for themselves. They even enjoy getting notoriety, as bad attention can be just as rewarding as good attention for some 9 Fires. Most 9 Fire personalities make great salesmen or women. The old saying, “They could sell a bag of ice to an Eskimo” applies to the 9 Fire personality.

The ancient Trigram for the 9 Fire