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Sally Fretwell

The 5 Elements



The elements express archetypal energy, or how energy moves constantly and cyclically in the natural world. From birth to death of galaxies far away, to the life span of a firefly, the cycle of life is evident.

Pay close attention to the Outer circle and the  5 Elements.



Water supports and allows a tree or plant to grow

Trees provide the fuel for a fire to burn

Once fire has burned, ashes fall to the ground, creating earth

The Earth solidifies over time and creates ores or metal deep in the ground

As metal condenses over time it again becomes liquid, leading us back to water.

Elements in Balance


Pay close attention to the Inner Arrows and the 5 Elements

When in Balance

Water moderates Fire, keeping it from raging out of control.

Fire warms Metal, allowing it to become more flexible.

Metal moderates Tree, making sure it does not rise up too fast.

Tree moderates Earth by keeping it from becoming too solid.

Earth moderates Water by giving it a form to adapt to, such as the bank of a river.

Elements out of Balance


Pay close attention to the Inner Arrows and the 5 Elements

When out of Balance

Water can extinguish Fire.

Fire can melt Metal.

Metal can cut and chop down Tree.

Tree can break up and separate Earth.

Earth can stagnate Water.

Element Cycle



Another Metaphor for the elemental cycle is the time of day. The Water element represents the hours between midnight and dawn, when all is still and quiet. The Tree element takes over from the break of dawn until just before the heat of the day., and represents active, upward energy.

During midday hours the fire element blooms with full activity. When the sun begins to move toward sunset, from afternoon to early evening, the Earth element begins to slow the cycle down. Then the Metal element cycles into stillness from the evening to midnight, until the Water element begins again.

The time of that day that relates to the tree energy is dawn, the birth of a new day. Have you ever awakened on a spring morning early with the sun shinning brightly? You feel charged up and full of life- you want to jump out of bed and conquer the world. This is the energy of the Tree element, a get-up-and go movement, which reaches up like the growth of plants, flowers and trees. In our interactions this energy manifests in planning, initiative, and decision making.

Tree energy suggests active participation, new ideas, reaching out, and receiving input, as well as communing with nature and animals. It is also about being in touch with our bodies and what motivates us.