The Fire Element



From the springtime we move to summer and the fire element. Summer is a time of high energy and of blooming and fruition. The fruits are on the vines and the flowers are in full bloom. The energy associated with this element is very active and expanded.

Fire energy rises, similar to tree energy, yet moves in many different directions. If you have ever watched a log fire you will see this quality. Fire is a highly excitable energy that moves constantly. The time of day associated with the fire element is midday, when the sun is at its highest in the sky. The fire element has a natural warmth and sociability to it. Think of hard it is to contain fire- it how it can spread like wildfire. It is the time when we see the “fruits” of our planning. From the point of view of our life cycle, the fire element relates to our blossoming, and our reaching adulthood with a clear objective view of who we are and what we wish to achieve.

Fire energy suggests higher purpose, sunlight, openhearted, fun. Laughter, and networking. It is related to the feeling of being connected with the grand picture of humanity and being in this world for a reason.