This area is for Sally’s consultations for personality types in personal relationships, relatives, business, teams, and groups.

This is a very simple example of a basic business or group examination of the personalities involved.  Remember it is not nearly this simple as there are 2 personality  types for each person.  Here we are only illustrating one type.  Remember too that there is an inner and outer personality associated with each of us and  the dynamics of how each person can better work together and the strengths and weaknesses of each certainly can determine the success of the project.

1 Water individuals are inventive, have vision and are insightful. They can look at all the angles of the situation. They offer the initial idea, and continual input to keep things evolving.

2 Earth individuals use their skills to bring team members together to hash out the details. Their emphasis is on obtaining a harmonious outcome for all working on any particular project. The tendency of any 2 Earth individuals is to consider all that is involved.

3 Tree individuals want to get all the facts out in the open efficiently and quickly get to the point. They care less about consensus. Their high energy level keeps any project alive and moving. Their enthusiasm and vitality is contagious.

4 Tree individuals add the philosophical approach. They are continually on a quest to broaden their skills. They bring worldliness to the project and their input is well rounded.

5 Earth individuals are solid and love being in charge, they gravitate to being at the center of the the project. They are good at gathering needed information and delegating tasks to other team members.

6 Metal individuals add the endurance and focus needed to get things done. They are able to take the information that has been gathered and they take the ball and run with in to bring things to completion.

7 Metal individuals are highly focused. They work on the mechanics of the project, how things can be made simple and be taken apart and put back together. They have a great gift for making complex things seem simple.

8 Earth individuals provide a solid ground for others to stand on, and often keep to themselves. When others are panicking they offer sensibility and calm advice.

9 Fire individuals enjoy being at the center of the public relations aspect of the organization. Making connections within the community and spreading the enthusiasm needed in public relations.

One-hour analysis and interactive discussion of your unique personality type, looking at what builds your energy as well as what depletes your life force. This includes any friends, possible lovers and family that you would like to discuss and get a deeper understanding into what makes them tick. All relationships are enhanced and understood when a person becomes aware of the dynamics that are playing out in their family and with their friends and co workers. This is a simple system that empowers all those who glean the insights from this powerful personality analysis. This can occur by phone, skype, and face time.

150.00 for the 1st hour.

85.00 For reoccurring consultations to discuss, possible romantic relationships compatibility, understanding your children or parents better, and any questions you may have about supporting your health, and ways to nurture yourself and those around you. This also can include paint color suggestions and design inquiries, which can be done through a skype or face time consultation. The goal is to support your over all well-being.

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