Water Element



At the beginning and end of the end of the cycle is the mysterious water element. The energy of water has an adaptable quality, as well as a tremendous power and endurance. For an example, notice how a solid rocks at the bank of a rivers edge are worn away by the repeated pounding of the running river. Water holds the potential for life, like the womb where we are nurtured and prepare for birth.

The season is associated with water is winter. Winter is a time when activity is beneath the surface. On the outside, it seems that not much is happening, but deep inside, the potential waits to blossom. The time of day related to the water element is from midnight to the early hours of the morning. Again, a time of deep quiet, waiting for the light of day. In our personal life one can say the element of water governs study time and the potential to learn about ourselves and our path in life. It is the water element within us that gives us our willpower and our strength to endure. It is believed that the water element has a great deal to do with our genetics, or what we inherit from our ancestors.

Water energy suggests being in the flow, feeling the rhythms that cycles through life, as well as unconscious dreams and trusting oneself. It is related to following your path in life and doing what you love.